Friday, March 28, 2014

Friends... What are they?

Cue the sad Violin music...

I have no friends anymore.

It's true I can't even remember the last time I interacted with someone who is not accustomed to blowing raspberries and silly faces. I knew having a baby would change things but I didn't realize it would be this drastic. Sometimes I feel like because I have a baby I am shunned from fun. I don't get invited to go out anymore because I have responsibilities. Well F that! I want to go out and have a drink! I want to go to the movies, and I want to eat a dinner that is not cold and reheated 3 times!

Before I had a baby I wouldn't have really called myself a kid person. I didn't really know what to do with them let alone their parents who I thought were in a totally different world than myself. I thought they were too busy with their baby to hang out and have some wine let alone gossip about the world. Their fun days are over and now are committed to a life time of monotonous tasks revolving around an 8 pound blob. I would say these friends with children were so foreign to me I avoided interacting with them for lack of understanding how their lives really are.

Is that really what this is about? Are people afraid of me? Did i turn into an alien the second I gave birth? Am I in a different world?

Well guess what? Having children changes nothing! Just because I have a 7 month old doesn't mean I don't want to go out an have a few too many! Who would have thought? Pre kid me would say that is irresponsible and judge current me to the moon and back. Having a baby doesn't mean I don't have time to hang, watch movies, or grab something to eat. I want to do all those things! Now even more than ever. I NEED to get out of this place! I'm sick of watching mickey mouse!  I'm turning into a crazy recluse and will soon start making voices for my cats... (actually I already DO that). I'm not some scary person that is above the rest of the world just because I bore a child.

Now I do admit time moves a lot faster when you have kids. days can easily turn into months and before you know it it's been 6 months before you have seen some of your good friends but this needs to end. I'm sick of spending friday nights at home renting a movie and stopping it 7 times to take care of a baby. The world gave us grandparents for a reason and that would be Babysitting! I love my daughter but I need to get the F out of here! I need some time talking in a normal voice with people that already know their colors and ABC's. Is that so hard?

I know this sounds incredibly whiny but lately it just seems like there is no one who understands how I feel. I feel like my only friends are my 4 legged creatures and my baby that cries all the time. I do feel like an alien on a different planet who just isn't understood anymore.  Maybe I am... Be bop boop