Friday, January 3, 2014

9 months = 2 years

9 months is a long ass time! People always say it goes by so fast but they are just full of straight bs! If you ask me I was pregnant for 2 years. Of course it goes by fast for you because you are not the one with the swollen ankles, ugly stretch marks, pelvic pain and sweet new waddle that makes you feel soo attractive. 

I found out fairly early I was pregnant as my husband and I were "trying"... (More like we tried once and like magic a little seed was growing inside of me). He always said the worst part of getting pregnant was we didn't get to try more :) It was so exciting and I couldn't wait to tell everyone.... Except you can't tell everyone for a LONG time. 

We went to the doctors right away and they didn't even do a pregnancy test... We just had to believe that the 8 tests we took at home were accurate. WTF! I didn't even have an ultrasound until I was 12 weeks along and waiting until then to tell people was excruciating! If you ask me I swear time stops at this point and doesn't progress for months. A simple 3 month span seems like a year and I still had 6 more to go! 

The middle of the pregnancy is uneventful just as everything you read will tell you it's the "golden trimester" all you do is get fatter and fatter and fatter until you look down and can no longer see your vagina.. relax i said VAGINA.. after you have a baby nothing will shock you. 

Then the worst comes. The penguin days of pregnancy. Now I have always been a fan of Penguins, they are so soft, have great personalities, and have the cutest little waddle. Only problem is you do not look or feel cute waddling like a precious little penguin. By now your ankles have probably swollen to the size of your thighs, your chest has been compressed so small, breathing is difficult, and the pelvic pressure is at times unbearable. Those glory days in the beginning where nothing seemed to slow you down are a thing of the past. 

It should be time to have the baby now right? HAHA no way you still have 6 more weeks to go! I've been pregnant for 2 years right? Wrong again! only 7 and a half months.... Ugh Let me tell you those last few weeks are the slowest weeks you will ever face on this earth. Each day will seem like an eternity. It's hard not to sound ungrateful for what you have but why does something so great have to take so long? 

Not to get all mushy and sound like a cliche, but as everyone says it's worth the wait. The second they place that slimy purple bundle of joy in your arms time speeds up and your forget about the pain, waddling, and months it took to get to that single moment in time where you wish time would slow down. 

So when you are getting that right amount of force to ricochet out of bed in those last few months of pain and you realize you have many more endless weeks to go, just know in the long run time is nothing when you are looking at a lifetime of happiness ahead. 9 months or 2 years I would wait forever to be a mom  

See? Mushy!

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