Thursday, January 23, 2014

10 baby products that are a waste of money

Ok so I had my post about the most useful things I've encountered so far during motherhood, and naturally i have a bunch of useless things as well. Just know this is just my OPINION and I know every mother has a different experience, just know that my opinion is the right one :) 

1. Diaper Genie... This is the dumbest thing I have ever witnessed in my entire short existence as a mother. First of all the thing is like 35-40 dollars. You can't use regular bags in it but have to use the diaper genie speciality refills that cost an additional 10 or something. Have you ever heard of a garbage can? You know they may be a little antiquated these days with the fancy diaper genies but believe it or not they work wonderfully in disposing of smelly items. Imagine that! I even spent less than 10 dollars on mine and it fits regular sized garbage bags.. Who knew? Please please don't waste yours or someone else's money on a diaper genie...just don't! 

2. Expensive bedding... Ok here is the story..You really don't need expensive bedding because you will most likely never use it. The comforter that comes with the set is usually hard and a weird square shape. You are not supposed to use blankets on babies until they are a certain age and people will always make or buy you blankets that are far more comfortable and warm. That being said any new mom wants the perfect nursery for their first baby so that means getting the expensive bedding set that goes with the decal. I did it and I expect any other new mom to do it too. Just know when child number 2 rolls around they will be getting hand me downs and no matching bedding.

3. Dreft... OMG this shit is crazy expensive! Like I'm talking 20 dollars for a bottle of it. It's like liquid gold! It's also like a liquid rip off. My daughter does have sensitive skin so I totally bought into the dreft gimmick but guess what? Any detergent free of dyes and colors works the same way and is about half the price. I recommend using All free and clear. Works the same and leaves you a little money left over so you can eat that week. 

4. Expensive newborn clothes... Hello!! For the first few weeks all a baby does is eat, sleep, spit up and poo literally. No sense in wasting money on expensive cute newborn clothes when they will be changed in 10 minutes anyway. Plus when the baby is born everyone and their sister buys you adorable clothes, so it's not worth your time trust me!

5. Newborn shoes...I'm sad to say I spent some of my hard earned money on newborn flip-flops I mean how adorable are they? What a waste of money! Its not like they can put any pressure on their feet for months and shoes are a stupid waste of time... save the cuteness until they are older 

6. Expensive car seat/stroller... Remember when I said all a baby does is eat sleep, spit up and poop? well they will do that in a 600 dollar carseat and they will do it in a 200 dollar carseat. They all have to be made with the same standards these days, so putting them in a 200 dollar stroller does not mean you are making them less safe, it just means you are being smarter and saving the extra money so they can afford clothes. They mess them up eventually with some sort of fluid that comes out of them, so why waste the money on an expensive one. Nonsense I tell ya 

7. Baby timer... I just learned about these things when I had my daughter. Apparently there is a timer that you set when you last fed the baby and it beeps to let you know when to feed and change the baby again.. I mean have we ever heard of a cry? Isn't that supposed to tell you when to feed or change the baby? What did people do in the olden days when there was no timer? How is our generation even alive?? What a bunch of crap! I mean if you can't remember to feed your baby then I think you have a problem 

8. Bassinet... I didn't think people used these things anymore but that's not true. Many new parents want a bassinet for their newborn but it's just useless. Nowadays a pack n play can solve the purpose of the bassinet and be used when they grow as well. Any decent pack n play has the top sleeper which acts as a built in bassinet eliminating the need for one entirely... Just skip this expensive thing and go for the more modern approach. My daughter is almost 6 months and still sleeps in the pack n play. We have a Bassinet upstairs that I think the cats slept in once. 

9. Pee Pee Tee Pee's... ugh even writing the name out is stupid. I mean I had a girl so my situation is different but come on, you really expect this stupid little tee pee fabric to stop a baby boy from squirting pee everywhere? Eventually it has to come off. Face it it's inevitable and a stupid 4 dollar pee pee tee pee is not going to stop anything! Sheesh I can't even believe i had to waste my time writing about this one! 

10. A Bottle Sterilizer.. Umm all I have to say about this is ever heard of a dish washer? Does the same thing and you more than likely have one, so just use some common sense and don't make someone spend money on this! 

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